Who's the Water Pro Here?

Man Behind Curtain

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....OK, I'll come out from behind the curtain, but just briefly.

I'm Roy, a somewhat normal guy, sitting at a keyboard attempting to put three decades of water treatment experience into pages that look like:

Code Sample

If water treatment is half as foreign to you as the last paragraph is to me, I think we'll get along fine. It may take me a while, and I may not get all of the words exactly right, but I'll bet I can make more sense than that.

You may wonder why I'm torturing myself with this project so let me explain.

When I started in water treatment in 1979 I was hired because I was a fairly-young, somewhat-strong, really-dumb guy who could carry water softener salt all day long in the desert heat. I considered myself pretty good at it too. Trained Dolphin

Before long my boss realized that maybe I could be trained to repair and install softeners too. It turns out I was trainable. In fact I got so good I was in demand... well at least by one of my boss's competitors.

At the next company, along with all of my installing and repairing I was also training and managing other water treatment people. It was about that time that I realized that I had slipped from a job into a career. I decided to make the best of it.

My new boss got me involved in the Water Quality Association. The WQA provided the first formal training I had received; I became a Certified Installer through their program. Now I was really starting to take my water treatment career seriously.

After some serious studying and water treatment learnin' I passed the WQA test to become a Certified Water Specialist. I really felt that I was part of an elite group, I was proud. If my next job hadn't kept me so busy I would have continued my WQA education and retained my certifications, but I let them expire.

Shortly after becoming a Certified Water Specialist I decided I was so darned talented that I might as well have my own water treatment company. For almost 10 years my team provided the best products and services in our area. We were really proud to be the authorized dealer for one of the largest, and most successful water treatment manufacturers in the world.

After my fling with being my own boss I sold my business to a company that treated me better than I was treating myself, plus I got my weekends and evenings back.

Ok, what was the question? Oh yea, why am I telling you all of this?

This site is a step towards the next part of my career. I've met and educated thousands of people over the years, I've enjoyed that, but now I want a bigger audience. By sharing my knowledge with you, and hopefully tens of thousands, I want to accomplish one more thing. I want to clean up our industry.

I don't mean to imply that it's all bad, but there's too much bad out there. I wish I had a nickel for every time I came close to leaving this industry because I didn't want to be associated with the scam artists. I've seen some disgusting scams over the years, in fact I'm filling the pages of a book about them now. I hope that the good information provided in this site, along with the exposed scams in my book, there will be enough water education out there to make it impossible for the crooks to continue. I know I'll feel better if I make their job more difficult.

So if you came to this site to educate yourself, take your time, look around. I hope to eventually cover every topic concerning water problems and their cures. You should find your answers here. With this knowledge you can make the right decisions about how to improve your water.

Once you've fixed your water you can share this information with your friends, almost everyone has some type of water problem that needs to be addressed. Send them to this site and I'll do what I can to help them.

Thank you,



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