Free Water Testing
and Real Water Testing

Before you can do much to improve your water you may need to have it tested. You've probably seen free water testing mentioned in the yellow page ads of water treatment companies in your area. A free water test may or may not be a good thing. A water treatment salesperson will probably test your water for free, but it's not the type of test that you may have in mind.

Some companies use the in-home water test as a way to get into your home to deliver their sales pitch. What starts off as a water test turns into a demonstration designed to scare you into buying a system.

When a serious water professional tests your water it's done to determine what type of treatment method is best for your situation. He will know how to test water for specific things that may be a problem in your area. He will most likely test for water hardness because that's one of the most common problems with water in almost all areas. He might do a chlorine water test if your water is supplied by a water company. Most of the tests performed in your home are pretty basic tests.

Water Test Laboratory

For a more thorough water test you'll need to go somewhere other than a water treatment company. You might want to take a water sample to an EPA approved laboratory in your area, or you may consider one of the water testing labs online. Either way, it will no longer be a free water test but it will provide you with reliable water test results.

Once you receive your water test results you can go to this very informative EPA drinking water site to learn more about the contaminants found in your water. If you look at their "List of Contaminants & MCLs" you can determine for yourself whether the levels in your water are too high, and what risks they may pose.

If you suspect that there may be something harmful in your water, don't rely on a free water test. The few dollars you spend for a decent EPA water analysis will be well worth it in the long run.

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