You Can Purify Water and Clean Water Like the Pros

How would you like to have purified water from every faucet in your home?
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If you're looking for a water filter or a device to provide pure water from every tap in your home, you better do a little research.

First you'll need to define what pure water is to you.

It's almost impossible to give one definition of purified water. From a chemist in a lab to a wastewater treatment operator, both may use the term "purify", but it would have completely different meanings.

In the home water treatment industry, many of us agree that purified water is the cleanest form of drinking water we can provide our customers. We loosely define purified water as having the majority of minerals, chemicals, and living organisms removed from the water. We realize that it is not "pure" water, but really clean drinking water.

A reverse osmosis system or a distiller can provide the closest thing to purified water in your home, but they have their limitations. Neither would make a practical whole-house system for many reasons, including high operating costs and excessive water waste.

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So "pure" water may not be exactly what you're looking for, "clean" water may be a more realistic goal. I can help you get clean water in your home.

Throughout the pages of this site I'm going to share a lifetime of water treatment experience with you. You'll find enough information here to help you first diagnose what's wrong with your water; and then you'll determine which water treatment method(s) will improve the water in your home.

Armed with your new knowledge you can then begin to shop for the best water treatment products for your needs. If you decide to do it yourself, I'll help you locate the best values. If you choose to work with a local water treatment expert, I'll help you determine if your expert is really an expert. Either way, you won't have to go into it blindly, making the same expensive mistakes I've seen hundreds of people make.

With a little water treatment knowledge you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars and a lot of frustration.

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Go ahead and start improving your water by checking out some of the links on the left. You'll be a water expert in no time. Don't worry, it won't take you the 30 years it took me, I was a slow learner.

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