Uses for filtered water

by Marilyn

We live in a hard water area. We often have to clean out the left over minerals from the kettle. It's pretty easy to do, I can just wipe it out with my hand or a washing up brush but I always know when it needs to be done. The kettle takes ages to boil.

My son is a window cleaner. He uses a pole and wash system, so he has an RO unit to filter the water before he goes to clean his customers' windows. I don't really like the RO. It seems to use a lot of water. But his customers love it. They like the way that their windows always look so lovely and clean when my son does them.

It looks a bit weird at first. The windows aren't dry, they have little beads of water on them. But it's amazing how they dry so clean and sparkly.

I sometimes use some of the clean window cleaning water in my steam iron too. That stops it from getting furred up with mineral scale. The most annoying thing about scale in the steam iron are the bits that it spits out over your clean clothes. If it's something dark the scale can sometimes make a mark that shows. Mostly though I can just brush the bits off. Using the filtered water saves a lot of extra work though.

The other thing I use the filtered water for is the steam cleaner that I have. It's a very old one that belonged to my mother but it works great for things like washing down the walls and steaming dirt off of the kitchen floor. I also use it to clean the inside of my oven. The steam is amazing for softening up bits of burnt on grease. The filtered water doesn't ruin the heating element in the steamer.

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